our approach using the M&A and Turnaround frameworks

The M&A framework to understand “what” and “where” to create value. It is important to highlight that many company owners think about M&A when they want/need to sell the firm. However, we suggest thinking about M&A even if you do not think to sell the firm. Our point is using the M&A framework to focus the enterprise on value creation, and prepare the firm for future selling in case that a good unsolicited offer would appear, or you would have the need to sell. Our experience says that many times the unsolicited offers are disappointed, or when the owner wants to sell the price is disappointed too. This is happening because the firm has not been prepared to maximize the value of a possible M&A.

The second pillar of Strategok approach is the turnaround framework. So, once that the company is focused on value creation using the M&A framework, the turnaround framework is answering the question of “how” we can create value. Turnaround framework offers us two main advantages: first, it is applicable to the majority of the firms because most of them are “satisfactory underperforming” (doing just fine) or “underperforming” (in serious trouble); and second, this framework uses a specific methodology to deliver quick dramatic results to improve the operational and financial performance of the firm.

Some firms could be satisfied enough with their performance. In these cases, you could take advantage of our more focused and short-term improvement programs like a cost reduction initiative, or any of the supply chain and sales transformation programs (procurement transformation, customer experience transformation, etc.)

It is important to highlight that Strategok provides two complementary services: business consulting to design solutions that respond to your organization opportunities and threats; and team coaching services to guarantee the right implementation, training and knowledge transfer to all the team members.

cost reduction vs. transformation vs. turnaround

Strategok uses the cost reduction service to provide incremental continuous improvements for firms searching for quick profit improvements.

For companies that think they could perform much better or organizations that feel the current turbulent environment is or will threat the firm. We provide our transformation service to update their business model and reinforce the competitiveness and profitability of the organization. Our transformation proposal is focus on supply chain to improve efficiencies and sales to grow.

Finally, for companies in serious trouble that require an important overhaul even to survive, we have our turnaround service.

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