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of the strategic initiatives fail (Source: Kiecehel)


of companies do not achieve at least 50% of the potential financial performance of the strategic plan (Source: Marakon Associates)


of the firms fail in the implementation of the balance scorecard (Source: Lawson et al.)


of the organizational transformation initiatives fail (Source: McKinsey)


of the strategies that fail, do so, because of bad implementation (Source: Charan and Colvin)


of the strategic initiatives do not get their original goals and business intent (Source: PMI)

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The strategy creates a coherent business model in which the different defined areas of the company make sense and fit well. The structure defines how the firm is going to be organized to support and accelerate the strategy. Thus, the goal of our strategy services is to help customers to define how they are going to compete and what are the most suitable structure to faster achieve the organization objectives.

strategic focus

Defining the organizational goals and objectives is key to achieve the desired market position. A mistake in this stage compromises the whole strategy and the future company performance. Strategok support you with an external and objective evaluation to guarantee that the company avoids a strategy false start. External and internal conditions are changing very fast. Monitoring the environment could make the difference between success and failure. There are many environment forces creating a turbulent business environment (technology, regulatory, new market segments, globalization, substitute products, insurgents, incumbents, etc.) Strategok brings cross-industrial and innovation insight which is quite important nowadays that barriers between industries are bringing down. We support companies with a holistic approach rather than a traditional one performed just for industry inside specialized people.

  • mission
  • vision
  • values
  • strategy statements
  • environment map
  • internal map
  • SWOT analysis
organizational change

The structure is something more complex that just designing an organizational chart. The structure is a direct consequence of the company strategy. Failing in the design and implementation of the structure means that the strategy execution will fail too. Strategok helps to design and implement customers’ organizational process that incentive and accelerate the company strategy execution.

  • organizational simplicity and accountability
  • organizational alignment, MBO and incentives
  • role of the center
  • primary and enabling functions
  • outsourcing
business model

During long time business models have been “quite stable”. Nevertheless, nowadays with the digital transformation revolution and other deep market changes, it is a priority for organizations to rethink the business model soon. Strategok specialized thinking “out of the box” deliver huge value to the business model review process supporting the delivery of consistent and coherent business plans.

  • business model canvas
  • blue ocean strategy diagram
  • trade-off management
business plan

The business plan helps to focus and summarize the company’s strategic direction and the key strategies and tactics to be developed. Developing the plan will force the firm to analyze its goals, business focus, products lines, choice of customers, functional strategies, capital needs and the capabilities of its management team. Strategok business plans provide actionable steps to be taken in order to make the plan happen.

  • external and internal environment
  • business strategies
  • operational action plan
  • financial projections
  • implementation process
  • risk assessment
balance scorecard

The concept of balance scorecard is well-known in the business community. Although, being able to define and implement a workable strategy concept in a balance scorecard tool is not so common. Strategok will deliver to your company a quick, powerful and affordable implementation of the balance scorecard that will support the execution and monitoring process of your company strategy.

  • strategic maps
  • strategic initiatives
  • functions/departments strategy
  • strategic simplicity
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