Looking for operational and financial performance improvements?

why do something

  • high costs
  • high investment needs
  • complex operations
  • low flexibility
  • increase competition
  • blurred diferenciation
  • low growth
  • strategy not working
  • low revenue
  • low margins
  • business with losses
  • cash flow issues

why our consulting

“We help companies that need

Quick Dramatic


of the operational and

financial performance.”

what we do

Cost Reduction

The perfect fit for companies that are searching for a quick cost and asset reduction impacting importantly on the firm profitability and without any initial investment.


Best for firms that realize they need to improve importantly the supply chain or sales processes in order to remain the company competitive in the short and medium term.


Recommended for ocompanies with persistent loses that are affecting importantly to the firm cash flow. This situation is putting in risk the survival of the business in the short-term.


For middle market owners who seek to get liquidity to their entrepreneurial efforts or organizations in a turnaround process that need to sell a company.

how we can help

cost reduction

Additional cost reductions initiatives to complement the ones that you have already in place.

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supply chain

Building robust operations that produce high quality products/services at a competitive cost.

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Reviewing the demand generation processes to build a fast growing and loyal customer base.

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Helping customers to define how they are going to compete and what are the most suitable structure.

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Producing fast and impacting changes to recuperate or sustain the growth and profitability path.

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M&A Sell-side

Selling your company for the highest firm potential value and market price.

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why companies choose us


Strategok team has been built with outstanding people in the execution of projects and focus on quick results. The team accountability make things happen. Our knowledge, experience and well-defined roadmap allow us to deliver quick dramatic results. So, you will significantly improve your team performance, revenue, cost structure and assets turnover.

Roadmap for

Our focused and clear cost reduction, transformation and turnaround roadmap allows us to deliver dramatic results faster and easier. The Strategok well-structured roadmap simplifies and accelerates the delivery of quick dramatic results. You will improve and we will be happy to do all the heavy lifting of the project. So, you will achieve important results in just a few weeks.

100% Customer

First at all, we offer a FREE pre-diagnostic in order to prove the quality and value of our job. Secondly, we perform monthly customer review meeting to show the job performed and the accumulated value generated. Third, If you are not happy with the results delivered, you are able to cancel the contract any time without any penalties. In Strategok, quality comes to services! You will have no risk!

Projects &
High ROI

Our simplified processes, large experience and low overheads allow us to offer short and affordable cost reduction, transformation and turnaround projects. In Strategok, projects can be adapted to large and small firms. According to our experience, your ROI will likely be higher than 5x because projects are short and focused on high value activities.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.

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