Strategok is specialized on four business disciplines that improve quick and dramatic the operational and financial performance of the firm: cost reduction for quick profit improvements, transformation to materialize the full profitability potential, turnaround to return to profitability again, and M&A to desinvest on business and make cash.

We deliver our services providing the traditional Consulting services or Interim Management services. Interim Management is the short-term assignment of a company position to a proven heavyweight interim executive manager to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization. So, for turnarounds and large transformations the Interim Management service used to be more suitable in order to have extra guarantees for a quick implementation of the action plan, and being able to perform a better coaching of the team.

Our major services are six:

cost reduction

Nowadays, almost any industry is facing strong competition which is eroding importantly the company profit. Your company can work extremely hard to obtain one extra incremental dollar of revenue. Gaining that extra revenue dollar will be uncertain, and it will be difficult to attain the targeted profit. Alternatively…

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supply chain transformation

Efficiency is mandatory!!! Without optimized back-office process our company competitive situation will be weak. This lack of efficiency will affect our demand generation processes and could make unsustainable the business model. The goal of our Supply Chain services is…

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sales transformation

Growth is mandatory!!! If we do not growth faster than market, we are losing market share and next phase could be a stagnation situation. Businesses always start with customers and sales. So the goal of our Sales services is to support customers in their processes of demand generation by…

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strategic reframe

The strategy creates a coherent business model in which the different defined areas of the company make sense and fit well. The structure defines how the firm is going to be organized to support and accelerate the strategy. Thus, the goal of our Strategy services is…

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corporate turnaround

Nowadays, we are living in a very turbulent environment where the past successfully business model does not guarantee the firm success in the future. The borders between industries become blurred by companies connecting strategy, innovation and organizational changes. The globalization force is…

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M&A sell-side

Large companies have the option of going public to seek growth capital and get liquidity to their entrepreneurial efforts. However, access to public market capital and liquidity is not an option for midsize companies. In other occasions, an organization in a turnaround process could need the disposal of…

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