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customer won´t purchase again after poor service (Source: American Express Survey)


companies say they deliver "superior customer service", 8% of their customers think the same (Source: Lee Resources)


buyers will pay more for a better customer experience (Source: Forbes Leadership)


companies fail to exceed the expectations of their customers (Source: American Express)


dissatisfied customers tell others about their bad experience (Source: Dimensional Research)


time service agents failed to answer questions, according to customers (Source: Harris Interactive)

Looking for a sales transformation?

Growth is mandatory!!! If we do not growth faster than market, we are losing market share and next phase could be a stagnation situation. Businesses always start with customers and sales. So the goal of our sales services is to support customers in their processes of demand generation by build a fast growing and loyal customer base.

sales transfomation

80% of companies say they deliver superior customer service, 8% of their customers think the same. Strategok will support you to close the gap between the service provide for your company and the customer expectations. The final goal is to improve the customer engagement what will affect positively to company profitability.

  • omni-channel map
  • customer journey landscape
  • customer touchpoints map
  • customer journey map
  • customer loyalty
  • customer satisfaction survey
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
customer experience transformation

Many B2B firms based their growth strategy mainly on direct sales force. Thus, building a well-focused sales team that effectively communicates is likely the main key success factors to create a sustainable growth for them. In Strategok the goal of our sales force transformation program is to help our customers to accelerate importantly the number and value of sales closing deals.

  • targeting (where to grow)
  • messaging (what to say)
  • selling process (what to do)
  • strategic account management (how to retain accounts)
growth transformation

Many companies craft nice strategies “on the paper.” However, many times the execution of the strategies does not match with the long-term objectives of that ones. Insufficient profitable growth rate is likely the variable that most impact in the achievements of the strategic plan. In our experience, the lack of market alignment with the rest of the strategy is one of the main causes of poor strategic performance. In Strategok, we help your company to fill the gap between traditional strategic planning process and strategic marketing in order to achieve the growth goal.

  • strategic positioning
  • Key Success Factors (KSFs)
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA)
  • value proposition
  • BU & product portfolio management
sales message

Sales message is the cornerstone of the sales and marketing communication plan. If the company fails to develop the sales message, the investment on sales and marketing will not bring the expected return on investment. The sales message is the foundation to differenciate our firm and avoid the commodization tramp that erode the sales margin. We review carefully with our customer the sales message to make sure that the sales and maketing strategy does not have a false start.

  • positioning and niche strategy
  • differenciators
  • value proposition
  • customer communication plan
route to market

Defining the success combination of resources and activities that take the customer from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle. A necessary condition for a success Route to Market is the coordination and optimization of the resources among the three areas of Customer Relationship Management (Marketing, Sales and Services.) Strategok helps customers with the complex task to determine how much demand we will generate, and how to connect prospects at every step of the sales cycle to achieve the revenue and profitability goals.

  • customer segmentation (what are the attractive niches? where should we compete?)
  • route to market roadmap
  • route to market budget and forecast

This is probably one of the most impacting “P” of marketing mix in the profitability of the company. A pricing reengineering process could improve the firm profitability more than 2%. It is difficult to think in a sustainable healthy growth strategy without implementing an optimized pricing strategy. Unfortunately, the potential of optimizing and adapting prices remain uncover in many companies what is eroding their profitability.

  • revenue management
  • market, product and transaction strategy
  • introduction pricing
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