Supply Chain Management Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a great contribution to reduce the complexity of designing successful business models. Implementing the Supply Chain Management Canvas can contribute to simplifying the process to build Supply Chain models that create a competitive advantage for our companies. The benefits of a canvas approach Based on the official site of the [...]

The Lost Link to Make Strategy Work: Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

A strategic plan without a strong strategy execution is just a “dream.” We are living in a very turbulent business environment, in which crafting the right strategy is a key activity in the company growth and profitable journey. However, crafting the right strategy doesn’t guarantee the strategy will work. It is well known that many [...]

Sales Efficient Supply Chain Management (SESCM): A Success Foundation for a Business Model

There are some managers still thinking that Supply Chain or Operations are the enemies of Sales. They think that the goal of those areas is just reducing costs what would mean to deteriorate the firm service level, and finally that would negatively affect customer satisfaction and sales. However, a few management tools as Balance Scorecard [...]