I use five complimentary implementation methodologies. The first two (project management and change management) are “quite” common. The third (lean six sigma) is getting more attention, but there are still many people that struggle with how to use this supply chain process enable. The last two (SCOR model and turnaround) are less common, but very effective. Being able to seamlessly integrate those five methodologies in the supply chain programs implementation is how I deliver quick dramatic sustainable results.

project management

Project management is a proven methodology for the implementation of any program. Some of the main activities are: identifying the requirement, creating the project charter, defining the communication plan, and balancing the project constraints (scope, quality, schedule, budget, resources, and risks.) This well ensure that the deliverable will be achieved and on-time.

  • EP1. Initiating
  • EP2. Planning
  • EP3. Executing
  • EP4. Monitoring
  • EP5. Closing
change management

Change management is the discipline of driving sustainable business results by changing behaviors. We must understand the human dynamics of change and prepare for the emotional responses and natural resistance of change. It is normal that new ideas and mindsets about how to work could create uncertainty, discomfort, and stress. To materialize our goal of achieving strong results, we will build trust and motivate the team to ensure commitment and accountability. Our effective change management will anticipate and manage resistance, perfectly integrating this methodology with the project management. Your firm will reduce risk and accelerate the pace of change and financial returns.

  • EC1. Change Readiness Audit
  • EC2. Stakeholder Analysis
  • EC3. Commitment Assessment
  • EC4. Communication Plan
  • EC5. Training Needs Assessment
  • EC6.  Rewards & Measures Alignment
lean six sigma

Lean is about the reduction of waste and the increase of speed, flow, and productivity. The lean approach does not focus on traditional individual cost factors such as warehousing, transportation, and per-unit purchase price. We use a holistic approach and focus on the optimization of the total supply chain cost. Six Sigma is about the reduction of the negative effects of processes variation to ensure process accuracy and reliability. The lean six sigma approach will allow you to overcome the traditional trade-off between service improvement and cost reduction. Simultaneously your processes will be faster, more flexible, less complex, more robust AND your operations will run with less inventory and less costs because quality and productivity will rise.

  • EL1. Value Stream Map
  • EL2. Complexity Reduction
  • EL3. Cycle Time Reduction
  • EL4. Wastes Elimination
  • EL5. Flow & Productivity Improvement
  • EL6. Process Variability Reduction
SCOR model

SCOR combines elements of business process reengineering, metrics, best practices, people skills, and benchmarking into a cross-functional framework. Implementing SCOR, you will accelerate business process effectiveness, improve overall operational performance, improve inventory turns, improve business agility, and increase the speed of system implementations.

  • ES1. SCOR Processes
  • ES2. SCOR Performance/Metrics
  • ES3. SCOR Best Practices
  • ES4. SCOR People/Skills
  • ES5. SCOR Benchmarking
turnaround management

Turnaround is likely the most demanding transformational situation for any company. Turnaround is not only for firms facing a cash crisis. Many companies at an early stage of decline would benefit from a turnaround initiative. Additionally, there are many turnaround approaches that can be implemented in any transformational program: sense of urgency, the “quick and dirty” technique, cash improvement vs. cost reduction.

  • ET1. Crisis Stabilization
  • ET2. Cash Flow Improvement
  • ET3. Cost Reduction
  • ET4. Asset Utilization Improvement
  • ET5. Geographical Footprint Optimization
  • ET6. Products & Customers Rationalization
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