Supply Chain Transformation,
some of the potential improvements...


forecast accuracy


inventory reduction


customer service improvement


procurement savings


overall productivity


lower supply chain cost


fulfillment cycle time


delivery performance

Looking for a supply chain transformation?

Our objective is to offer you Six High Impact Supply Chain Strategic Programs that will transform your supply chain. Those programs will deliver simultaneously important results in the P&L, optimizing working capital, increasing fixed assets turnover, and improving service level while avoiding the traditional supply chain trade-offs.

supply chain design

The business environment is very turbulent and change very fast: organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, new locations, new products, high demand variability, customers demanding higher service level, and so on. How we manage the supply chain trade-offs and implement the right supply chain strategies can make a difference of thousands or millions of dollars annually. We will review your company inventory, transportation, and production strategies, performing a holistic optimization of the end to end supply chain.

  • D1. Inventory Strategy
  • D2. Transportation Strategy
  • D3. Production Strategy
  • D4. Network Strategy
  • D5. Cost to Serve
  • D6. Customer Satisfaction
supply chain process reengineering

How can we guarantee the quality of our products and services without a well-defined process? How can we grow profitable without robust, consistent, and replicable processes? How can we customize and automate the information system without a previous process mapping analysis and improvement? We will analyze the value of processes and activities, the problems with processes, redundant activities, wastes, opportunities to implement best practices, and metrics to guarantee you have the best class processes in place.

  • R1. Process Map & Analysis
  • R2. Process Reengineering
  • R3. Performance Metrics
  • R4. Best Practices
  • R5. ISO 9001, 14001, 45001
  • R6. People Skills
supply chain analytics

One of the main goals of the supply chain function is to translate business strategy to supply chain strategy. To achieve this goal, we need to define what should be the key metrics and service levels to create a competitive advantage. Additionally, a performance hierarchy should be implemented to understand not only the overall health of your supply chain, but also to determine diagnostic and rote-cause metrics that allow you to identify issues quickly, and put in place required action plans. To design an agile supply chain, we will not base our decisions only on historical data, but also on predictive and prescriptive analysis.

  • A1. Descriptive Analytics
  • A2. Diagnostic Analytics
  • A3. Predictive Analytics
  • A4. Prescriptive Analytics
  • A5. Machine Learning
  • A6. Artificial Intelligence
sales & operation planning / integrated business planning

Viewing different parts of the business as silo functions would most likely lead to costly suboptimal decisions. The optimized S&OP process recognizes demand variability early and gives you a holistic view of the business to be able to balance demand and supply across the enterprise. The process empowers your middle management to make decisions and formulate recommendations for monthly executive meetings regarding sales volumes, production rates, levels of inventory, customer back-orders, and financial performance. Optimizing the S&OP process will bring you important improvements in forecast accuracy, reductions of inventory, and will increase customer satisfaction.

  • S1. Demand Planning
  • S2. Inventory Planning
  • S3. Procurement Planning
  • S4. Production Planning
  • S5. Master Scheduling
  • S6. Logistics Planning
strategic sourcing & procurement

There are industries in which purchasing cost can rise up to 80% of the firm`s total expenditures. Strategic sourcing and procurement programs can achieve on average 10% to 25% cost savings. We use a process-based approach incorporating many aspects of supply chain improvement and change management to transform the procurement function. We will support you to actively seek out and implement breakthrough opportunities that will generate significant value for your company.

  • P1. Category Management
  • P2. Supplier Relationship Management
  • P3. Supplier Negotiation
warehouse optimization

Customer service expectations continue to rise. Furthermore, warehouse costs are one of the largest fulfillment costs. We will improve warehouse flow and productivity by implementing a lean approach from receiving to storing items, to picking and to shipping. Your warehouse will improve space utilization, will increase labor productivity, will reduce fulfillment costs, will improve inventory accuracy, and will increase on-time and accurate shipments.

  • W1. Layout & Storage Solution
  • W2. Yard & Dock Management
  • W3. MHE
  • W4. Flow & Productivity
  • W5. Inventory Accuracy
  • W6. Shipment OTIF
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Looking for a supply chain transformation?